X3 TRAINING: coaching, indoor cycling, and strength training for triathletes, cyclists, and endurance junkies: anyone looking to achieving peak performance.

Welcome to X3 Training! We are a Toronto area coaching company, working with triathletes, cyclists, runners, and adventure racers. Endurance sport is our shared passion. Work with a coach from your first try-a-tri to that lofty Ironman or ultra marathon, and we will help you swim, bike and run further and faster.

We also offer strength and conditioning programs, personal training, group fitness classes, and kettlebell technique instruction to complement your endurance training or to help you achieve your fitness goals.

…thanks for helping me achieve things I didn’t know I could do and for getting me through it in one piece! After 11 years of Achilles problems playing ultimate the fact that I made it through pretty much a year straight of injury-free training is awesome.
– Jen Hawkins, adventure racer

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