Iron Dad – The Three Things

Iron Dad Post 11 – The Three Things Edward: 5 months old IM Muskoka: 10 days ago I spent many words during the IronDad project talking about the challenges of training and racing with a new, wee addition. I wrote...
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Iron Dad – The Wall

Iron Dad Post 7 – The Wall Edward: almost 4 months old IM Muskoka: in 4 weeks Most of you who have trained consistently for months know about the wall. It’s that point in training where you just can’t keep...
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Iron Dad – The Bike Course

Edward: 3.5 months old IM Muskoka: in 5 weeks Sometimes having my ass handed to me is the best thing that can happen - provided that it happens in training! Because when it’s a training bout, I still have time...
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IronDad – The Metrics

The facts: I am now a dad. All that remains is to do this Ironman thing Edward: 3 days old, 7lbs-4oz (at birth), papa’s appetite IM Muskoka: in 21 weeks All of my coaching clients know how much stock I...
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IronDad – The Space

The timelines: Weeberzon: overdue by 10 days IM Muskoka: in 21 weeks We live in a one bedroom apartment. That apartment is inhabited by (in order of importance) 2 people (very soon to be 3) 1 dog 2 bikes (sometimes...
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