IronDad’s Schedule

First, the important stats Weeberzon: overdue by 4 days IM Muskoka: 22 weeks to go I like forecasting. It’s fun to prognosticate and then wait to see how close I was to reality. So in that vein, I’m going to…

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The IronDad Project

The Experiment Yes. I realize that training for a first ironman race with a newborn is a little silly. When I first started running long, the experimental aspect of training is what appealed to my inner nerd the most. So…

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Paul Runs Laps for Kids

Meet Paul. Paul is a successful consultant, part-time single dad, and a self-proclaimed couch potato turned ultra-marathoner and adventure racer. He called me up in December 2013 to tell me about an intense week he had planned just two months…

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