It’s a very exciting time here at X3: spring is in the air, growth is happening all around, and with that, what is bound to be an incredibly bountiful race season for X3.
May we introduce former Rio Olympian Andrew Yorke, who has recently joined our coaching team! Here is what Andrew has to say about his approach to triathlon and his coaching philosophy.

So…I’m retired?

Strange to say that, almost as strange as the looks I get from people when they ask me what I’m doing these days. Whether they know about my involvement in the sport or not, they look at a 28 year old guy and inevitably ask “What’s next?”

Coaching seems like the logical next step after pursuing it as a casual hobby for the last few years. Working with the Hamilton Bombers and the Runner’s Den has introduced me to a great group ofmotivated athletes looking to take the next step in their training. I get a massive amount of joy from helping these individuals chase down their goals! Regardless of their skill level or experience in the sport, I still get a huge kick out of seeing someone achieve “the dream.”

I was extremely fortunate to be coached by a number of highly talented individuals over my 13 years in Triathlon. Beginningin high school all the way up to National teams I had amazing opportunities to work with a variety of coaches. In the process I was exposed to a large number of coaching personalities. Regardless of who was “The Boss” I always tried to understand the purpose of the workouts. Simply put I couldn’t do it if I didn’t understand WHY! I’m looking to take the knowledge gained during my career as a professional athlete (and all the questions I asked!) and transfer that knowledge to you.

Looking forwards to putting a few athletes through a touch of work this season!


Andrew York visits the Lab for a Q&A and run with the X3 team


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