The X3 Training Lab is located in the historic Toronto neighbourhood of Riverdale at 253 Broadview Avenue. At the Lab we combine power-based indoor cycling workouts with the resilience and power development of our strength and mobility program to build a faster, stronger, more resilient athlete.

Want the latest in research-supported training modalities? Want to use the tools the pros use? Come train with us!

Group Cycling

We take our indoor riding seriously! The latest hardware, software, and most current training methodology allows you to make big fitness gains on the bike.

I can’t tell you enough how much of a difference I’ve felt on the bike after a winter of riding at the lab. It’s like night and day. – Steph, triathlete.

Strength & Mobility Training

A strong, all-around athlete needs a good physical foundation. Start building one today with our small group strength and mobility classes.

I am loving the mobility and strength classes at the Lab! They have helped me build a better base of strength to support my endurance training. – Paul, ultrarunner.