When interviewing me as prospective triathlon and running coach, brand new X3 athlete Katherine Watson wanted to know about my association and history with the Toronto Triathlon Club Here’s our exchange.


KW: A little birdie told me that you have something (or maybe a lot of things) to do with the Toronto Triathlon Club. I’m so curious to know more!

When did you become involved with the TTC? How did it come about?

ML: I started with the TTC like most folks: as a member. I was brand new to the sport in 2011, and the Club seemed like an approachable and welcoming entry point. I joined that spring and have been a member since.


KW: What is your main role in the club?

ML: My role has evolved from member to cycling coach (2013 to present) to Director of Training on the Club board (2014-2015), to cycling facility sponsor (2016 to present). So I’ve worn a lot of hats – or Club t-shirts, if you like.


KW: Is there much TTC and X3 athlete crossover?

ML: Absolutely! The Club was a great source of clients when X3 was just starting in 2013. During those first two years, most X3 athletes were Club members first. As the business grew, I was pleased to be able to return the favour by encouraging new X3 team folks to join the Club.


KW: I saw a post about TTC having some training sessions at the X3 Lab. This is exciting! Tell me more about this partnership.

ML: I’ve been coaching indoor riding on behalf of the TTC since the winter of 2014/15. We started in a crossfit gym, before I had a place to call my own. Now as a facility sponsor of the Club, the Lab is happy to host a monthly Big Brick (long ride plus run) and a monthly FTP test or time trial. We also offer a discounted drop-in rate for club members during our Wednesday night (7:30pm) ride.

On top of the indoor rides, we host clinics on a variety of training topics that are free to all Club members.


KW: Do you think you’ll take on the same kind of role that you have with TTC with other triathlon clubs in the GTA in the future?

ML: I’m a big believer in partnership and collaboration. Given my history with the TTC, my partnership with the Club was a natural fit. I believe that the Lab has a lot to offer as a training space. So I absolutely see value in pursuing relationships with other triathlon and cycling clubs.

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