Endurance Innovation 103 – Kolie Moore on VO2max

Endurance Innovation 103 – Kolie Moore on VO2max

Cycling coach and podcaster Kolie Moore joins us this week to cover his theory of the physiology of VO2max in endurance sport and the training interventions best suited to raise that roof.

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Show Notes:

  • 3:15 what is VO2max and why is it relevant to endurance performance?
  • 4:15 what determines VO2max: the central vs peripheral debate
  • 10:00 the endurance ceiling
  • 12:45 there is no one silver bullet
  • 13:30 VO2max improvement training
    • Volume supports peripheral adaptations: blood volume and blood capacitance
    • These can support central adaptations
    • Then central adaptations support further peripheral adaptations, etc.
  • 14:30 recommendations for high volume / low intensity training: keep it sustainable!
  • 20:15 recommendations for duration of base aerobic block:
    • 3 weeks aerobic
    • 1 week rest
    • 3 weeks slightly higher intensity (sometimes) to get ready for VO2max work
  • 28:00 VO2max specific training block
    • 3x weekly, maximal effort, high cadence interval training
    • Often 3 days in a row
    • Done by feel and cadence. Power and HR only used in post analysis.
  • 31:00 central adaptations that improve VO2max
  • 37:45 the role of cadence in VO2max training
  • 43:15 training VO2max for athletes with low anaerobic capacity
    • Avoid intermediate type intervals, aka HIIT short, aka 30-30s, Bilats, etc.
    • Just go MAX effort based on RPE
    • Manipulation of prescription within a VO2max block is dictated by athlete fatigue
    • Consecutive workout days are beneficial
    • Maximal breathing rate / struggling to get enough breath is a good indicator that intensity is right
  • 54:45 when to pull the plug on VO2max training

To learn more about Kolie, Empirical Cycling coaching, or his podcast, head to their website. You can also follow him and check out his weekly AMAs on Instagram

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