Hello Blogosphere

Hello Blogosphere

Ready, set, blog!

My name is Michael and I am a triathlete. It is an addiction of sorts, although not one to be ashamed of. Since I launched X3 Training earlier this year and started coaching, I live the sport that much more. I coach, train, and race. I read books and websites. The plan is to make this blog a triathlon digest of sorts. There will be race reports, gear reviews, and training discussions.

I’m lucky to be collaborating with some pretty cool people in the fitness industry. I recently sat down with one – Alice Toyonaga of ChatterRunGirl, a yoga & running instructor and a triathlon client – for an interview. She hit most of the topics that belong in this introductory post, so rather than regurgitate, here’s a link: http://www.chatterrungirl.com/2013/06/what-happens-when-the-motivator-needs-motivation/

See you guys out there.


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