Iron Dad – The Question

Iron Dad – The Question

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Iron Dad Post 9 – The Question

Edward: 4.5 months old
IM Muskoka: in 2 days

The bike is tuned.
The DI2 charge light is green.
The Garmin is fully charged.
The Stages has a fresh battery.

My gear is ready. Am I?

That’s a question that I have heard a lot in the past couple of weeks. At first, it was mildly annoying. Like a second – and third, and fourth, etc. – set of doubts on top of my own. I would answer: ‘sure’ or ‘I guess’ or ‘as ready as I’m going to be’ or simply shrug. There really was no way for me to answer that question with any degree of statistical confidence. I’ve never done one, so I don’t REALLY know.

What I really wanted to say was, ‘ask me on the 31st.’

As my own coach, I would tell myself that I was ready. I had checked all the requisite minimum single-day training boxes coming into this weekend. But I also knew that the overall volume of work I did in preparing for this Sunday was considerably less than I would have had a client do for a first IM. Certainly in swimming and to a lesser extent in running. I’ve swam a whopping four times since August of last year, and my popliteus strain in late May seriously curtailed my run volume for the big summer build period.

Still, as I sit here and remind myself that I feel great, I feel ready – emotionally ready, even if my logical coaching brain has some shadows of doubts. Sure the swim will be very slow, and the bike will be quite conservative, and the run promises to be sunny and warm.

But wait! They just changed the forecast for Sunday afternoon in Huntsville to partially cloudy with a 40% chance of rain! I digress.

In the sea of ‘are you readys’ there was one person, a client, who asked if I was excited. Now that’s a question I can confidently answer: yes! Very much so! I’m excited about racing, excited to have Diana and Edward come up to see me, excited about all the friendly, familiar faces I’ll see on the course and volunteering on the sidelines. Yes. I am super stoked.

Let’s go racing!

Wish me luck and remember: do as I say, not as I do.
Irondad in Training.

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