The IronDad Project – a look back

The IronDad Project – a look back

Il meglio è nemico del bene

Italians are smart. The better (or the perfect) truly is the the enemy of the good. I like this aphorism. It is infinitely applicable to age grouper endurance training. We work, we have families, pets who have ‘accidents’ on rugs, cars that break down, and phones that drown in toilet bowls. Such is life. That doesn’t mean we can’t still kick plenty of ass!

One key to success is flexibility – the ability to do what you can and not sweat the rest. Often, the ‘good enough’ is actually good enough. While waiting for the perfect opportunity may mean never even starting.

I had that concept firmly in mind when I decided to sign up for my first Ironman nearly three years ago. Oh ya, my wife was 36 weeks pregnant. I figured it would be an interesting experiment – if nothing else. I wrote about it too. The first entry from March 22, 2015 follows.

The Experiment 

Yes. I realize that training for a first Ironman race with a newborn is a little silly.

When I first started running long, the experimental aspect of training is what appealed to my inner nerd the most. So that’s exactly how I’m approaching training for Muskoka. It’s an experiment. My hypothesis is that I can do it, but I must also be prepared for the possibility that I may not.

Allow me to clarify: I will be at that start line in Huntsville unless I’m sidelined with an injury or dealing with a family emergency. I just may have to zip up my wetsuit without the quantity or quality of training that I would have liked.

This blog series will not be a guide on how to train for an Ironman. I can help you with that, but that’s not the intent of this either the project or its blog. I’ll be following an unorthodox training methodology: fitting workouts wherever possible and substituting the reasonable in place of the ideal.

Getting back to the notion of this being an experiment, let’s start with

The Rules

  • Family first. That means Weeberzon and his awesome mom get priority over scheduled workouts. No regrets. No guilt.
  • Weeberzon will not be a marketing tool. While we will post the requisite social media baby photos – many of them with his big brother Rupert – I will refrain from peppering this blog with them.
  • Two words that I will do my best to avoid when describing how I feel:
    • Training is a choice that I am making. I own that choice. If it becomes unsustainable, I can always choose to stop.
    • Just saying the word carries negative implications like preventing yourself from experiencing the current moment, to distancing yourself from others. Saying it is an excuse and a cover up, and just like being tired, being busy is a choice. It’s leaving my vocabulary.
  • These rules are not static. Given that we are about to experience a life-changing event, new rules will likely be added and current rules modified.

With all that said, I give you the irondad project. Wish me luck and sleep. Here we go!

Remember: do as I say, not as I do.

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