IronDad – The Space

IronDad – The Space

The timelines:

  • Weeberzon: overdue by 10 days
  • IM Muskoka: in 21 weeks

We live in a one bedroom apartment.

That apartment is inhabited by (in order of importance)

  • 2 people (very soon to be 3)
  • 1 dog
  • 2 bikes (sometimes 3)
  • A whole galaxy of triathlon paraphernalia, vintage housewares stock, and other miscellanea that come with running two full fledged businesses

Add the fact that the two human inhabitants also use the apartment as an office, and you can imagine how cozy it can feel.

Luckily for me, Diana is an interior decorating and organization superstar. She likes this stuff and it shows. So here are three examples of innovative space use – when that space is at such a premium.


[us_image image=”1482″ size=”full” link=””]
wall mounting saves precious floor space
[us_image image=”1481″ size=”full” link=””]
bikes integrated into working and living space
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[us_image image=”1486″ size=”full” link=””]
one pump or two?
[us_image image=”1489″ size=”full” link=””]
both standard and aero wheel pumps tucked up into an otherwise unused top corner of the main closet
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[us_image image=”1484″ size=”full” link=””]
Weeberzon’s future runners
[us_image image=”1496″ size=”full” link=””]
Weeberzon’s nap station
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Making do is what we do while we look for a bigger home. Suggestions and recommendations – for new home, I mean – welcome!

Remember: do as I say, not as I do.

Irondad in Training.

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