Michael’s 2016 Triathlon Mag Article Roundup Part 1- All things Bike

Michael’s 2016 Triathlon Mag Article Roundup Part 1- All things Bike


Hello friends,

you may have noticed this blog has been pretty quiet these past few months. There have been so many exciting new things and more growth happening at the Lab and with Michael, that unfortunately this blog got a bit… sleepy!

It’s not that Coach Michael hasn’t been writing excellent content about triathlon and training, though. As many of you might already be aware, Michael often writes articles for Canada’s Triathlon Magazine. I’ll be rounding up different collections of what Michael has written and posting them here on the blog over the next while for your perusal.

Treat each of these blog posts as your one-stop shop for all of Michael’s content on different subjects beginning today with BIKE!

  1. Aero is Everything- the Science of Speed

In this article, Michael leaves no stones unturned when it comes to understanding and talking about cycling aerodynamics, right down to cost per minute.

2. Five Reasons to Embrace the Trainer Year Round

Michael touches on some very strong arguments for training indoors: training with power, riding with your friends, safety, weather,  and training quality.

3. Conquer the Ironman 70.3 Muskoka bike leg

Let’s get race-specific! Muskoka is a well-known Ontario race that is notoriously challenging. Many of these tips can be applied to most 70.3 bike legs with hills, so check it out for general advice for wherever your next race may be.

(Aside: may I add a Muskoka-specific tip? Make sure to go to Kawartha Dairy as a post-race treat! Moosetracks is the best ice-cream flavour. Trust me, I’m a local!)

4. How to use a power meter to pace the triathlon bike leg

This article is geared (haha) towards those who have a power meter, and how to use it well!

5. When good FTP tests go bad

It’s tough, but it’s supposed to be. Coach Michael identifies the problems, and offers great solutions. I hope this will help with our upcoming test in a few days!

That’s all the bike articles for now. Stay tuned for the next roundup of Michael’s Triathlon Magazine articles coming up soon.

Happy Riding!

Katherine Watson
X3 team member

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