Michael’s Triathlon Magazine Roundup part 2- Run!

Michael’s Triathlon Magazine Roundup part 2- Run!

Ah, the run. The final leg of the triathlon. A somewhat polarizing activity among triathletes. Some love it, some just deal with it.

Here are some posts that should help you join the “love it” party:


Head Indoors for Quality Running This Winter

The “dreadmill” can be your friend! Michael makes┬ásome compelling arguments for indoor training in this article. Treadmill running is a hard sell, especially to those of us who may be near-religious about outdoor running. But even myself, a die-hard always-outside┬árunner, caved and got a foot pod after reading this.

Workout: Hit the track to see improvement in your running this winter

In this article, Michael provides good arguments for why track workouts are so important, as well as giving an example for a workout. Very true about the dryness, also.

Workout: V02Max running

What exactly is a V02 Max? How do you find yours, and how, then, do you use this information to train smarter? Here are some more thorough tips and processes for a good speed workout.


I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet instalment of the Triathlon Magazine Article Roundup.

Next week I’ll round up the rest of the articles, so stay tuned!

Happy Trails,

Katherine Watson, X3 Team


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