Nine ways to get your butt out of bed (and in a pool / on a bike / in some running shoes)!

Nine ways to get your butt out of bed (and in a pool / on a bike / in some running shoes)!

by Katherine Watson

Waking up early is tough, especially in these dark, depressing, nasty winter months. Very few people take pleasure in peeling back their sleepy eyelids, extricating themselves from a warm and cozy bed, and putting on their running shoes/bike kit/swim suit to put in the necessary training for a race that seems eons away.

Many of us are on a spring race training timeline that now requires us to get our training done in the morning, and at obnoxiously awful early hours.

I must admit, this winter has been brutal for me to not hit “snooze” a hundred times on my 5:45 alarm. Honestly, I think I accomplished this early wake up only twice in the entire month of January. Usually, I have enough excitement and adrenaline to make the early training happen, even when I don’t get enough sleep. This winter, it has not been happening. (In my defense, I was “listening to my body” all too well, and sleeping more to combat the deluge of bad cold and flu bugs trying to get at me!)

I was trying to implement my own self-advice but it just wasn’t working! So, I took to seeking outside help, in the form of asking the X3 team about their wake-up tricks.

If you’re struggling with waking up early, or general motivation, try these out

1. Go to bed earlier

This is a very obvious tip, but can be the trickiest to get in the habit of doing. It requires some planning ahead. If you usually stay up until 10:30pm reading, doing dishes, or watching TV etc., plan ahead to get everything wrapped up by 9pm so you can relax and hopefully be asleep by 9:30, for example.

2. Make the snooze button less convenient

Set up your alarm clock away from your bed, forcing you to get up to turn it off.

3. Find accountability

Make friends with people you train with. Training with a group means you will be less likely to bail if you know that someone is waiting for you! Or hire a coach.

4. Prep the night before – Ali Banfield

Pack your bag the night before and have your outfit laid out. This removes one potential barrier to ‘getting’ ‘er done’ in the very early morning.

5. Have coffee ready – Nawar Naji

Pre-set your coffee maker to have a pot all set to go at 5am.


6. Find a more natural way to wake up – Lynne Wolfson

A sunrise alarm: an alarm clock that slowly lights up 30 min before your actual alarm, mimicking the sunrise. Literally changed my life.

7. Ease into it – Laura-Lee Moran

Start with getting up 5-10 min earlier the first few mornings and continue that routine until you can wake up (somewhat easily) at the time you want.

8. Leave tough workouts for the evening – Sarah Elliot

Try doing easier workouts in the morning. I find it easier to get up if I don’t feel the pressure of a tough effort.

9. Get some perspective

  • “Get a kid for a couple of weeks – one that doesn’t yet sleep through the night – then give him back” -Coach
  • “I was going to say borrow a child” -Brendan MacDonald
  • “I used to sleep like the dead. Never, ever again. #ruinedforlife” -Lisa Drake


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  • Ryan Goldvine
    Posted at 13:25h, 27 February Reply

    Problem when one of the little ones hears you on the bike at 5am and comes up and watches, but alas.

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