Resiliency – by AJ Goodman

Resiliency – by AJ Goodman

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Finding another gear

The brother of a good friend here in Toronto is a prominent family physician who produces some remarkable and engaging animated videos about health and wellness.

One of my favorites is about getting through a crappy week and the things we can do for ourselves to try and put what we are facing behind us. In my first post, I wrote about how things were building up and pushing me to put undue pressure on myself. If we don’t find the things that can give us some respite, then we don’t give ourselves a chance to restore some balance and find perspective.

So, at the advice of Dr. Mike, I’m giving myself a break. The way I do that is through activity. Over the last two months, I’ve noticed a lot of gains. The first two weeks was just about building some rhythm. From there, it was about building a foundation of fitness in a sustained and healthy way.

Getting through those two phases is really empowering because it’s letting find a second gear in my daily life. Don’t get me wrong. Things are still busy and exhausting, but to be able to sustain enough energy through the day to keep moving forward is why getting in shape is so important.

I’ve been able to find a second gear at work. Even though the hours are still long, I’m not as worn down by them as I was four months ago. This is a huge gain for me because, come the weekend, I have more energy to be more productive around the house and more present for Meyer through some of our fun activities.

In terms of day-to-day, when I get home from work, no matter how late, I’m still able to lend a helping hand to Cara. Even the smallest gesture, like sterilizing bottles, can go a long way.

Equally important, I’m more resilient. There are and always will be hard days. But instead of letting them build up like they did before, I’m able to reset and focus on continuing to move forward. I’m able to put them behind me and just stay in the moment.

So, whether it’s a 20 minute walk with the dog, an hour run or biking to and from work, I’m finding that pace and endurance. It’s a great feeling and I’m looking forward to continuing to build!

Happy training,

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