Sleep – by AJ Goodman

Sleep – by AJ Goodman

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Get some sleep

First off, thank you to everyone who commented on my first post. It was really encouraging to get such a warm reception and I really appreciate it. I hope you’ll continue to tune in.

Good news is that we’re making progress! The focus of this phase is just getting back into a training routine with some oversight. An important component of this is assessing my current state of fitness which Michael does by analyzing data like my heart rate and pace. Very basic, but an important step to getting a baseline understanding of where I am and where I can go.

Where I continue to struggle however is finding balance. I obviously did not expect that, with the snap of the fingers, that I would find it right when I started this new journey. So, I’m focusing on listening to the ways I drop the ball and figuring out where I need to make adjustments.

There are a bunch of different stressors on my time, attention and energy. Figuring out how and where I need to divert my attention throughout any given day is something, admittedly, I’m pretty terrible at. But that comes with the territory and something that I need to continually evaluate to avoid any unnecessary disruptions in any one aspect of my life.

At the same time, I still feel the persistent sense of being overwhelmed nipping at my heels, wanting to trip me up. The last few weeks at work have been especially busy, and I’ve just been seemingly unable to get caught up or stay ahead. I’m focusing more on delegating and deploying my teams, but they, too, are stretched thin, so it puts me right back to square one.

The structure of the program I’m following with Michael is, like most programs, to have three weeks of activity and one week of active recovery to give my body a chance to adapt to the increased load.

We don’t take rest until we’re forced to. In my case, after working long hours this week and pushing the limits, my body finally said eff you and knocked me out. I’ve been laid up in bed with the flu and totally useless to the world around me.

So, in the spirit of positive decision making, I’m adding a new line item to my goal tracker and that’s to get to bed at a reasonable hour 2 – 4 nights a week.

I don’t know if this is the case for most new parents, but, given all of the demands on my time and attention, I find that the only times I’m really able to unwind are late at night. It’s after I’ve finished work for the day, after I’ve tried to help clean up around the house and take over for Cara, and after I’ve given Meyer her last feeding of the night. Usually, by around 11:30 or midnight, I get 30 minutes or an hour to watch some TV and totally shut my brain down.

So, I make a conscious decision to stay up a little later and not sleep. I rationalize – it’s mental breaks, it’s rest in another form, etc. But at the end of the day, It’s not sleep and my body needs it.

I want to have the endurance to be able to readily meet these demands. But I can’t do it without proper rest. So, that’ll be my focus on this next cycle in the hopes that it helps restore some balance.

Happy living!

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