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X3 TRAINING: coaching, indoor cycling, and strength training for triathletes, cyclists, runners and endurance junkies of all stripes. The home for anyone looking to achieve peak performance.

Welcome to X3 Training!

We are a Toronto area coaching company, working with triathletes, cyclists, runners, and adventure racers. Endurance sport is our shared passion. Work with a coach from your first try-a-tri to that lofty Ironman or ultra marathon, and we will help you swim, bike and run further and faster.

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Project Bike 2019 – Specialized Shiv TT

I was vaguely in the market for a new bike. Mostly because I’d been aboard the Garneau TR1 since 2017 and was keen for a change. The long-term plan was to go disk, but a disk frame was just not…
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How to Salvage your Workout – a Flowchart

If you consider yourself someone who trains rather than someone who exercises, you have no doubt had a workout go sideways. Maybe you’re sick, or your girlfriend dumped you, or your kid was up all night with the projectile vomits…
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