Endurance Innovation 100 – Aerotune’s Bjorn Kafka

Endurance Innovation 100 – Aerotune’s Bjorn Kafka

Aerotune is back on the EI feed this week with their metabolism guru Bjorn Kafka. Bjorn defines the VO2max and VLAmax metabolic markers, explains how Aerotune’s new Power Test can help us measure them with just a power meter, and helps us understand how they are relevant in training and racing.

  • 3:00 meet Bjorn Kafka of Aerotune
  • 17:15 defining VO2max and the necessary context of efficiency
  • 25:30 defining VLAmax
  • 29:45 manipulating VO2max and VLAmax to elicit desired race fitness
    • Where am I now in terms of VO2 and VLA, then where do I need to go?
    • For long-course triathlon, you want maximal VO2max and low (but not too low) VLAmax
    • Avoid low-carb training except in very specific situations
  • 37:30 the Aerotune metabolic Power Test
  • 41:15 the importance of knowing body composition
  • 42:30 Power Test outputs
  • 44:45 estimating optimal training load based on VO2max
  • 50:00 tying metabolic testing into aerodynamic testing
  • 53:45 designing training for road racing or MTB
  • 56:00 training prescriptions based on VO2max & VLAmax

Try the Aerotune Power Test for yourself by registering on their website. You can also follow Aerotune on Instagram.

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