Endurance Innovation 104 – Sleep Expert Dr. Amy Bender Q&A

Endurance Innovation 104 – Sleep Expert Dr. Amy Bender Q&A

Dr. Amy Bender returns to answer your questions on the impact of genetics, the menstrual cycle, and timing on sleep quality and quantity.

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  • 2:15 the consensus around the importance of sleep in endurance performance
  • 4:45 Amy’s new gig for Cerebra Health
  • 10:15 consumer sleep measurement devices
  • 16:00 the value of sleep awareness
  • 18:00 effects of hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle on sleep
  • 21:15 ideal sleep windows
    • Substantial interindividual variance
    • Best to align sleep window with biology when possible
    • Light is a useful trigger to make adjustments to the rhythm
    • Interestingly, winter sleep is typically worse than summer sleep
    • Consistent sleep schedule is very useful: no more than a 90-minute deviation ideally – especially wake time
  • 31:30 the role of genetics in sleep
    • There is evidence that chronotypes (e.g. ‘night owls’ or ‘early birds’) are genetic and passed down within families
    • Short sleep also genetically tied, but only 1 in 4M people carry this mutation
  • 35:30 what is it about sleep that assists with physical recovery
  • 38:15 napping: why are some folks better nappers and can napping behavior be trained? Tips for better napping:
    • Make a to-do list before your nap
    • Wear dark sunglasses 30’ before your nap
    • Breathing techniques
    • Napping adds to the weekly sleep total – so go nap!

Check out our first chat with Amy. To gain a deeper understanding of the impact of the menstrual cycle on sleep, nutrition, and performance, have a look at Fitr Woman. You can also follow Dr. Bender on Instagram.

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