Endurance Innovation 106 – Armando Mastracci of Xert

Endurance Innovation 106 – Armando Mastracci of Xert

Fellow Torontonian, engineer and founder of Xert Armando Mastracci is on the show to cover his cycling / running analytics and training platform.

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  • 3:15 The serendipitous birth of Xert
  • 9:00 all about Xert’s 1st metric: maximum power available (MPA) and the constantly-updating power-duration curve
  • 13:00 the three levers / parameters in Xert: MPA, high intensity energy (HIE) and threshold power (TP) and how to train them
  • 18:15 the problem with TSS and why Xert’s strain score is better
  • 22:30 who is Xert for?
  • 26:45 Xert for multisport
  • 35:00 feeding the model: what does Xert need to provide an accurate fitness signature
  • 43:30 Xert during training: using Connect data fields
  • 46:00 new and upcoming features

Learn more about Xert and try it for yourself at their site.

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