Endurance Innovation 107 – Return to Play post COVID with Dr. Fabiano Araujo

Endurance Innovation 107 – Return to Play post COVID with Dr. Fabiano Araujo

Doctor of sports medicine and coach Fabiano Araujo covers recommendations on safe return to training following a COVID-19 infection and other respiratory illnesses.

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  • 2:15 meet Dr. Fabiano Araujo
  • 3:30 the unclear roadmap for return to play following a COVID-19 infection
    • Was the disease mild or severe?
    • Implications of Long COVID
    • Risk of myocarditis
  • 8:30 myocarditis risks explained
  • 15:45 mechanism of action of the virus on the heart
  • 18:45 when ‘return to play’ post COVID does not go according to plan
  • 22:30 the reduction in influenza cases during the COVID pandemic
  • 25:00 non-COVID respiratory illness advice. Is the ‘below the neck / above the neck’ principle valid?
    • Full body effects, fever, muscle pain = no training
    • Minor symptoms above the neck = light, short training allowed
  • 31:15 the value of a saline nasal rinse
  • 35:30 the role of the immune system in recovery from exercise
  • 41:00 the challenges for automated training systems
  • 42:45 using HRV to determine readiness to train and the trouble with ‘black boxes’

For coaching enquires, reach out to Fabiano through Empirical Cycling, and for sports medicine questions, contact him at FCA Sports.

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