Endurance Innovation 108 – Aero Testing and Andrew Overcommits

Endurance Innovation 108 – Aero Testing and Andrew Overcommits

Andrew and Michael talk about aero testing (again) and debate just how high up #$%*’s Creek Andrew is with his commitment to do a leg in the Sinister 7 race.

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  • 4:00 Michael’s foray into aero testing
  • 6:00 the value of dual-sided power for aero testing
  • 8:30 are high hands always faster?
  • 15:15 acceptable errors in aero testing
  • 18:45 possible interventions that we are equipped to test
  • 22:30 Andrew commits to run one leg of the Sinister 7 trail ultra
  • 29:45 Michael’s thoughts on training for Sinister
  • 42:00 HR response to inactivity
  • 45:45 Andrew’s best ever race

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