Endurance Innovation 109 – Prof. Jim Martin

Endurance Innovation 109 – Prof. Jim Martin

University of Utah Associate Professor Jim Martin discusses optimal crank length, ideal cadence, and perfect pedaling technique.

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  • 2:45 meet University of Utah Associate Professor, Jim Martin
  • 5:00 the muscle force-velocity relationship in cycling
  • 9:15 the surprising importance of muscle deactivation
    • Slow+heavy weight lifting can slow down deactivation
  • 12:30 the ideal crank length question
    • No change in maximal power in crank lengths between 145mm and 195mm crank arms
  • 27:30 Jim’s recommendations for crank length for aero-minded TT and triathlon competitors
  • 32:15 the aero / power trade-off
  • 36:30 is there any reason not to go for the shortest available crank?
  • 38:00 how does crank length affect self-selected cadence?
  • 40:00 what about aero drag implications of cadence
  • 43:00 the myth of optimal cadence
  • 48:15 on pedaling mechanics training
    • Self-selected pedaling technique is the most efficient
  • 57:30 the effect on efficiency of non-round chainrings

Determinants of metabolic costs during submaximal cycling
Metabolic power and efficiency for an amputee cyclist: implications for cycling technique

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