Endurance Innovation 110 – Marco Altini on Biofeedback

Endurance Innovation 110 – Marco Altini on Biofeedback

HRV4Training founder Marco Altini returns to introduce Biofeedback training and explain its application to both athletic and more everyday pursuits.

  • 3:00 what is HRV-breath work biofeedback and how does it differ from HRV assessments?
  • 5:30 how does breath affect HRV and our autonomic nervous system?
  • 10:00 the mechanics of biofeedback practice: how does it work?
  • 12:15 applications of biofeedback practice for endurance athletes
    • May not apply directly to endurance competition, but may have beneficial effects in global stress management during training and racing
  • 18:15 the state of research into biofeedback
  • 20:30 potential application in improving post-exercise autonomic NS recovery
  • 23:45 biofeedback training techniques and tools
    • Deep breathing at ~6 breaths per minute
    • Ideal duration not yet established. 2x 20’ daily proposed, but may be a fair bit shorter
  • 29:00 are there plans to link the base HRV4T app with its Biofeedback brother?
  • 34:30 the breathing resonant frequency
    • Approximately 0.1Hz
    • Looking to maximize variation between inhale and exhale phases in instantaneous HR
    • 50:50 ratio of inhale : exhale – or somewhat longer exhale
  • 41:00 Marco’s greatest curiosity around biofeedback

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