Endurance Innovation 99 – Aerotune’s Sebastian Schluricke

Endurance Innovation 99 – Aerotune’s Sebastian Schluricke

Aerotune founder Sebastian Schluricke joins us this week to share the history of his aerodynamic testing platform and how it aims to empower all athletes to improve their on-bike experience.

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  • 3:45 meet Sebastian Schluricke of Aerotune
  • 6:45 effect of increasing power vs decreasing aero drag vs decreasing weight on Ironman bike performance
  • 14:15 why make an easy-to-use aero testing platform?
  • 22:00 what is Aerotune and how does it work?
  • 28:15 Aerotune vs aero sensors
  • 34:45 more on sources of error: route + climate vs rider + equipment
  • 38:30 Aerotune’s accounting for elevation and wind changes
  • 42:00 the guts of Aerotune’s mathematical model
  • 46:45 the ideal test route
  • 47:45 impact of weather
  • 50:00 hardware requirements for testing
  • 51:30 rolling resistance (CRR) calculations
  • 55:45 generalized aero recommendations
    • Body position:
      • Narrow elbow pad stance
      • High hand (maybe)
      • Flat, stretched-out torso
      • Shoulder shrug
      • Optimized head position
    • Bottle shape and position on the frame
    • Optimized helmet
    • Deep or disk rear wheel
    • Kit / clothing
    • Front wheel
  • 68:00 optimizing aerodynamics without compromising metabolic efficiency

Try Aerotune for yourself by registering on their website. Watch their YouTube videos, and don’t forget to snag the Garmin Connect IQ app too. You can also follow Aerotune on Instagram.

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