Endurance Innovation 17 – Allan Hovda 2.0

Endurance Innovation 17 – Allan Hovda 2.0

Allan Hovda returns after an epic finish at Norseman Xtri and a big win at Lofoten to tell the tale. We cover his nutrition, bike position, hot-weather adaptations, and race-day mindset.

  • 1:15 Allan’s Norseman Xtri-specific preparation and changes to his plan for an atypically warm race
  • 7:30 Allan as guinea pig: participating in a study on physiological effects of an extreme full distance triathlon
  • 12:00 the optimal placement of ice for cooling
  • 12:30 Allan’s revised hydration and sodium strategy and why he stepped away from the ‘drink to thirst’ strategy for this year’s race
  • 20:30 Allan’s bike nutrition strategy
  • 26:30 the case for a race-course U-turn
  • 31:00 Allan’s run nutrition
  • 37:30 Allan’s race day
  • 40:45 how relaxed do you want to be to start a race
  • 43:00 Allan’s mental game
  • 49:45 The bike position, the super-tuck, and aerodynamics
  • 52:00 The run and the closest finish in Norseman XTRI history
  • 54:30 The satisfaction of giving everything
  • 1:01:30 What’s next for Allen?

  • Hans-Petter Mellerud
    Posted at 16:20h, 16 October Reply

    Enjoyed your podcast with Allan H. Will join you again as a regular listener. Greets from another Norseman finisher.

    • Michael Liberzon
      Posted at 10:01h, 17 October Reply

      Thanks for the note Hans-Petter! We’re glad you like the show.

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