Endurance Innovation 29 – Hydration 101 with Andy Blow

Endurance Innovation 29 – Hydration 101 with Andy Blow

Andy Blow of Precision Hydration is on this week to share his experience about the importance of getting hydration right. We speak about actionable advice for athletes – especially those tackling long and hot events.

  • 4:30 the hydration and nutrition big picture
  • 8:00 the case for coupling or decoupling nutrition and hydration
    • Coupled sport drinks useful for shorter-duration or training / racing in moderate temperatures
    • Decoupled solutions useful for longer duration events and hot conditions
  • 11:30 how to design a strategy that you cannot test in training – tail-end of 8+ hour races for example
  • 15:30 the range for fluid intake in long events: 500mL – 1,200mL
  • 16:00 Andy’s experience with over-drinking and hyponatremia
  • 18:30 the distinction between sweat concentration and sweat rate
  • 20:15 testing your sweat rate
  • 22:00 and sweat concentration
  • 26:00 the role of sodium in fluid absorption
  • 28:30 strategies for promoting maximal fluid absorption
    • SOME, minimal carbohydrate: ~30g / 1000mL of water
    • Sodium to balance tested sweat concentration – sometimes!
  • 33:40 ‘experience plus knowledge’
  • 41:00 the case for electrolytes without carbohydrates
  • 44:45 PH’s hydration and cramping blog post

Learn more about Precision Hydration at their website. Make sure to check out their blog posts about cramping, testing your sweat rate, and their online sweat concentration calculator.

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