Endurance Innovation 33 – The Offseason

Endurance Innovation 33 – The Offseason

The Endurance Innovation crew kick off the new year with some thoughts about motivation, planning, and their approach to the offseason.

  • 2:45 take a break from training and do other ‘stuff’
  • 6:00 plan and dream – what gets you fired up about racing?
  • 7:15 the power of dreams and positive thinking
  • 8:15 what will it take to achieve that dream?
  • 10:30 work backwards to make a plan
  • 15:30 take a ‘racecation’
  • 19:00 try different sports – especially winter sports: cx skiing, snow shoeing, trail running, fat biking
  • 28:30 the value of strength training
  • 36:15 mindfulness training
  • 42:00 what motivates Andrew?
  • 45:00 what motivates Michael?

That Triathlon Show ep 207 on mindfulness and brain endurance training.
The Smiling Mind meditation app.

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