Endurance Innovation 34 – Nick Salazar and TriRig

Endurance Innovation 34 – Nick Salazar and TriRig

TriRig founder and CEO Nick Salazar talks about the origin story of TriRig and some of its key products and his design ethos. Nick defends rim brakes in triathlon and maybe even busts a common myth!

  • 1:20 the TriRig origin story
  • 7:00 the genesis of the Omega brake
  • 14:30 on the not-so-obvious costs of manufacturing
  • 16:00 the sigma stem
  • 17:50 the new Alpha One aerobar: Nick’s favourite piece of gear
  • 20:50 Nick’s front end design philosophy
  • 21:30 the evolution of our thinking about forearm tilt
  • 28:00 the prototyping process
  • 30:00 aero IS everything
  • 35:00 the adjustability of the Alpha One
  • 44:00 what’s next in triathlon bike design
  • 46:00 the TriRig Omni
  • 52:30 Nick on disk v rim brakes
  • 58:00 ‘weight does not matter more at the rim’ 😮
  • 1:02:00 weight v aerodynamics in general

Learn more about TriRig at the website and follow them on social: Facebook and Instagram.

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