Endurance Innovation 40 – Daniel Schade and Gebiomized

Endurance Innovation 40 – Daniel Schade and Gebiomized

Andrew and Michael speak with Gebiomized CEO Daniel Schade about bike fit, triathlon saddles, and how to make a memorable portmanteau company name!

  • 1:30 what’s in a name?
  • 4:30 the history of Gebiomized
  • 8:00 how solutions find problems across industries
  • 9:00 the technical details of pressure mapping sensor mats
  • 12:30 the value of having your fit protocol mimic true race conditions as closely as possible
  • 13:30 the path from pressure mapping to a fully-realized bike fitting equipment and methodology company
  • 15:30 the Gebiomized fit process explained
  • 21:00 the order of contact point assessment during the fit process. Plus the interplay between pressure data, kinematics, and kinetics
  • 24:00 the interaction between activity at the contact points and the change in biomechanics
  • 25:30 the value of subjective feedback remains
  • 28:00 The evolution of bike fit philosophy from fitting to angles to fitting to the interaction between the bike and rider at the contact points
  • 29:45 will pressure mapping ever move from the fit studio to the bike itself?
  • 33:00 the risk of too much information
  • 35:00 and of contaminating your test results
  • 37:30 the marriage of bike fit and aerodynamic testing with Cycling Canada
  • 39:00 the role of rider stability and comfort in aerodynamic decisions and the role of rider discipline in this consideration
  • 41:30 triathlon bike fit: the difficult topic of seat height
  • 43:30 triathlon bike fit: front end height – lower is NOT better
  • 44:00 comfortable IS fast
  • 47:30 it’s all about head position!
  • 50:30 crank length: shorter IS better
  • 56:30 Gebiomized saddles – the transition from custom to mass-market saddles
  • 1:04:30 where can you get a Gebiomized fit and / or saddles
  • 1:07:30 don’t ride on a worn-out saddle

To learn more about Gebiomized, visit their website at the Secret Saddle Club.
Canadian vendors for their fit service include Intrinsi in Calgary and Speed River Cycle in Guelph.

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