Endurance Innovation 41 – David Tilbury-Davis

Endurance Innovation 41 – David Tilbury-Davis

Coach and friend of the show David Tilbury-Davis is back on the show to share his advice on first time Ironman attempts, training for early season races, and managing a compact race schedule.

  • 1:30 first time IM bid
    • Assess fitness history and strengths / weaknesses
    • Determine training availability and discuss whether that is sufficient for Ironman training
    • Assess psychological necessities to ‘feel ready’ to race the full distance
    • Don’t compare yourself with genetically gifted abnormalities
    • Do try to align your reality (fitness, sport background, time pressures) and your goals!
    • Prioritize health before all else!
    • Training priorities
    • Vary the stimulus
    • Work on race-specific demands like holding the aero position
  • 20:00 preparing the bike for an early-season, long course race
    • Ride various bikes as a ‘hack’ to improving ability to tolerate any one position
    • Use mirrors to train the body to use the aero position indoors
    • Indoors is harder than outdoors.
    • Power indoors is ~5-10% lower than power outdoors
    • Power in aero is ~5-10% lower that power sitting up
    • Perform at least 50% of your indoor riding in aero
  • 27:30 heat acclimation for early season warm racing
    • Increase thermal load indoors by turning off the fan
    • Wear layers and change them often
    • Hot bath or sauna protocols post workout
    • Do not do intense sessions under added thermal load
    • Watch HR and set a cap at which you will stop
  • 34:30 modifying race intensity targets for hot races
    • Switch to HR targets to keep tabs on internal workload
  • 37:00 condensed, busy racing season advice
    • Train to be ready for the first A race of the season
    • Identify lower-priority events, and use these as quality training sessions
    • Use time between races to recover to maximize the training stimulus form the most recent race
    • Limit quality work between frequent races
Hot both heat adaptation protocol

Maximize adaptation to heat stress by taking hot baths immediately after exercise.

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