Endurance Innovation 46 – Notio Aerometer

Endurance Innovation 46 – Notio Aerometer

Notio Aerometer designer Guillaume Lamy and engineer Simon Demers drop by (virtually) to talk about their device, it’s applications, limitations, and why everyone needs more discussion of aerodynamics in their quarantine.

  • 3:00 what is the Notio aero sensor and what it does
  • 6:30 gear that’s fast on one rider at their speed is not necessarily fast on you at your speed
  • 8:30 the impact of rider speed on aerodynamic drag
  • 14:30 the inspiration behind the creation of the Notio device
  • 17:15 the evolution from a full integration sensor to an aero meter
  • 20:00 how does it work?
  • 21:00 how does Notio assess rolling resistance drag and mechanical drivetrain drag?
    • User input for both.
    • If precision is important, controlling variables like road conditions, wind, traffic, temperature is key
    • Notio will help analyze data for any and all users
  • 29:15 Benchmark ride / test:
    • ~2km out-and-back
    • software cleans up the aero data and returns a reliable CdA for the run
    • Great for multiple passes on the same stretch of road on the same day to test equipment or position changes
    • What you can learn from a benchmark ride
  • 39:45 Free / training ride:
    • Useful for assessing sustainability of a tested position
    • Gives you data for the whole ride
  • 43:00 limitations of the device in non-zero (side wind) airflow conditions
  • 53:45 the challenges of interpreting the data and displaying relevant information to the end user in real time
  • 57:30 using machine learning to improve analysis and better predict correct data and weed out errors
  • 1:02:30 the possibility of integrating Notio data with other metrics tools on the market
  • 1:09:00 the case for club / coach use of the device for testing
  • 1:11:00 what’s next for Notio?

To learn more about the Notio Aerometer or to order your very own, check out their website.

To try it for yourself – for those in the Toronto area – send me a note and we’ll set up an outdoor wind tunnel session once the Covid-tine has been lifted.


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