Endurance Innovation 47 – Wheelbuilder Corey Mihailiuk

Endurance Innovation 47 – Wheelbuilder Corey Mihailiuk

Master wheelbuilder Corey Mahailiuk of Cognoscenti Cycles is on this week to talk about wheels, the bits that make up wheels – that you didn’t know mattered – and where wheel technology is headed.

  • 3:00 rim vs disk?
    • Corey’s take is that the emergence of disk brakes is the safety in pro racing when descending at high speed rather than improvement in braking quality.
    • He prefers disk on his own bikes.
      He recommends disk brakes for any new builds because that’s where the industry is headed and no new research is being done in rim braking: brakes, frames, or wheels.
    • Disk brake safety
    • A discussion of braking performance
  • 22:45 the alloy rim is not dead:
    • rims <33mm in depth can be made very well out of alloy
  • 29:15 aero isn’t everything!?
  • 31:00 wheel spoke count considerations based on rider weight
  • 32:30 the tools of the wheelbuilding trade
  • 34:00 factory-built wheels vs custom, wheelbuilder wheels. Advantages of custom-built wheels are
    • Build quality
    • Safety
    • Customized for you
  • 46:00 don’t skimp on spokes
    • +1 for Sapim CX-Ray
    • Bladed spokes for lateral wheel stiffness
  • 51:00 wheel hubs: are premium hubs worth the cost?
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Unique designs
  • 58:00 the value of ceramic bearings: placebo?
  • 1:03:45 what’s next in wheel technology?
    • Rims designed by AI
    • Filament-wound wheels

Learn more about Corey and Cognoscenti at his website and follow him on Instagram.


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