Endurance Innovation 48 – Physiotherapist & Bike Fitter Jon Gabai

Endurance Innovation 48 – Physiotherapist & Bike Fitter Jon Gabai

Jon Gabai, owner, physiotherapist, and bike fitter, at Calgary’s Intrinsi Clinic, is on the show this week to share his thoughts on remote physical therapy, the importance of strengthening weak muscles, and the evolution of evidenced-based bike fitting.

  • 2:00 how do you access physical care when in-person visits are no longer possible
    • Check to see if your rehab team is doing virtual appointments
    • A good therapist can assess issues quite well simply by talking to a client
  • 4:30 in these uncertain times, it’s extra important to focus on your ‘why’
  • 7:00 prehab: avoiding injury before it happens
    • Most injuries in endurance sports are overuse, and therefore avoidable
    • Example of drinking plenty of water when sitting down to work will force you to stand periodically to go to the bathroom
  • 11:30 managing the transition from riding outdoors or a mix of outdoors and indoors to riding exclusively indoors
    • Respect adaptation – give yourself time to adapt to the new modality
    • Injury happens when force / load exceeds capacity
    • Respect the 5% – 10% difference in ability to generate power indoors compared with outdoors
    • Build-in some short breaks if riding indoors
    • Take the long view and avoid overcooking any individual workout
  • 22:30 Jon’s thoughts on integration of physiotherapy and bike fitting
  • 26:00 innovation in bike fitting technology and practice
  • 28:45 how often should you reevaluate your bike fit?
    • ‘A bike fit is more like a haircut rather than a vasectomy’
    • Get a fit anytime you change your training, your equipment, or your goal race
  • 32:15 the role of the Virtual Wind Tunnel testing tool in bike fit
    • Very useful in the right hands, but potentially harmful when misapplied
  • 35:30 Gebiomized pressure mapping in bike fit
  • 37:30 the value of training teams
    • Communication between the team members is key
  • 39:30 the value of resistance training
    • Integral as part of the big training picture, and potentially very advantageous, but can be done wrong and be harmful
    • Use resistance training to restore balance to the body. Imbalance is often exacerbated with swim-bike-run training.
  • 43:00 resistance training programming
    • High load, low reps for strength development (3-5 reps of 5-9 sets for the training session). Load should be high enough that you cannot do 6 reps.
    • 2-3 sessions per week, scaling back when closer to racing
    • Low load for isolation exercises intended to restore balance: practice makes perfect. Ideal for early season / offseason
  • 49:00 stability and mobility: stability should come before mobility
  • 54:00 warm ups
    • The focus should be to increase body / muscle temperature. So wear clothes appropriate to increasing that temperature.
    • Include some target workout / race pace work
    • Get the muscles firing with neuromuscular activation work like the classic A, B, C drills
  • 63:00 be kind to yourself! Health and family come first.
  • 68:00 support your local small business!

To learn more about Jon and his team at Intrinsi or to book your virtual appointment, please visit their website.

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