Endurance Innovation 51 – Missed Workouts

Endurance Innovation 51 – Missed Workouts

Andrew wants to know how to approach missed workouts, and Michael has answers – answers and caveats, of course.

  • 2:00 missing swim workouts
    • Challenge dryland workout can be found here
  • 5:45 the big picture of scheduling
  • 9:30 Andrew’s case study of one
  • 13:00 spreading your volume
  • 17:30 don’t do Lionel’s workouts!
  • 20:30 the pain of the Training Peaks red workout
  • 22:00 ask your coach!
  • 24:30 why static training plans are tricky
  • 26:00 can AI solve this problem?
  • 29:30 only increase training stress if you have the capacity to increase recovery!
  • 31:30 become a supporting member of Endurance Innovation
  • 33:30 listener call-out about the new team GB track bike

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