Endurance Innovation 52 – Ventum Founder Diaa Nour

Endurance Innovation 52 – Ventum Founder Diaa Nour

Ventum Racing founder and CEO Diaa Nour talks about the history of the brand, his relentless positivity, their new gravel bike, and why Cody Beals is wrong.

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  • 3:30 on Ventum’s move from South Beach FL to Heber City UT
  • 6:30 Diaa on positivity in tough times
  • 11:30 the Ventum story
  • 21:15 Ventum’s key innovations
    • No downtube is faster than traditional double-triangle frame outside of a wind tunnel
    • Ventum 1 is faster with hydration onboard than off
    • EPS core carbon fibre manufacturing allows for greater material compaction, fewer voids, cleaner inner surfaces for cable routing
  • 28:00 the challenges of creative folks in startups and the story of Ventum co-founder Jimmy Seear
  • 30:30 the genesis of the Ventum NS1 road bike
  • 34:00 the VERY new, not-quite-released, Ventum GS1 gravel bike
  • 34:30 Diaa races the postponed Dirty Kanza on his 40th birthday
  • 37:30 why make a gravel bike when your road bike can almost do it already?
  • 39:45 releasing a new bike in the middle of a global pandemic
  • 41:30 the inaugural Ventum gravel race
  • 43:30 Diaa will take on pro triathletes on May 24th in VR racing
  • 44:30 Ventum’s partnership with Ironman
  • 47:45 the community around Ventum and the bikes
  • 50:45 Diaa’s advice for startups
  • 64:00 Ventum CEO challenges

Learn more about Ventum bikes and get your hands on one at the Ventum Racing website.

Follow Ventum and Diaa on Instagram. Feel free to make fun of his Aussie accent.

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