Endurance Innovation 54 – Cycling Canada’s Kurt Bergin-Taylor

Endurance Innovation 54 – Cycling Canada’s Kurt Bergin-Taylor

Cycling Canada’s sport scientist Kurt Bergin-Taylor dives deep into the demands of track cycling, the opportunity for detailed analysis that that sport presents, and the take-aways for cyclists of all stripes.

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  • 3:00 meet Kurt
  • 7:30 how track cycling and even time trial lends itself better to improvement through understanding the science as compared with traditional road racing
  • 11:00 the competition in team pursuit track racing
  • 12:45 the question of gearing
  • 16:15 average power output of world-class male endurance cyclists
  • 18:00 some examples of exporting the findings on the track to the road / TT / triathlon
    • Keen understanding of the power-duration relationship
    • Appreciation for high-velocity cycling and pedaling dynamics and how they are unique
    • Value of testing your equipment at race speeds: specifically optimal gearing
    • Value of Testing your aerodynamic characteristics under race-like conditions
    • Value of holding your best aero position under race strain
  • 28:00 what technologies have contributed to the dramatic drop in track cycling record times in recent months
    • Pacing and gearing changes and training to accommodate
    • Longer turns / pulls
  • 36:00 the value of learning to ride a fixed-gear bike
  • 37:15 the impact of UCI rules on the evolution of cycling technology and practice
  • 44:00 the trickle down of tech to triathlon
  • 47:30 some untapped potential for exploration in triathlon and other endurance sport
  • 49:30 what’s in the works for Cycling Canada on the track over the next few years?
    • Data analysis and machine learning
    • Potential changes in actual tracks to cope with the ever increasing speeds in especially sprint racing
    • Canada is looking to improve track availability to build a grassroots program

Learn more about the Canadian Track Cycling team at Cycling Canada.

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