Endurance Innovation 57 – Notio Aerometer and Swearing

Endurance Innovation 57 – Notio Aerometer and Swearing

Andrew and Michael cover the performance enhancing effects of swearing and the Notio Aerometer. We are NOT swearing AT the Notio Aerometer. Just to be clear.

  • 1:00 study on effects of swearing on perception of pain found that uttering the word ‘fuck’ during an ice-water submergence trial allowed participants to last 30% longer than those using control words.
  • 6:30 cross-cultural study comparing the efficacy of swearing in English and Japanese speakers
  • 14:45 listener challenge
  • 16:00 Notio Aerometer initial impressions
    • The CdA calculator / aero test protocol on the Notio app
    • Repeatability in testing appears to be solid
    • Displayed CdA during a workout is not very actionable at this point
  • 33:30 discussion of limitations of any aero sensor
  • 38:45 virtual wind tunnel analysis vs an on-bike aero sensor: virtual for development and testing and real-world for validation

The two studies mentioned in the show are included below.
Swearing as a Response to Pain: Assessing Hypoalgesic Effects of Novel “Swear” Words
Swearing as a response to pain: A cross-cultural comparison of British and Japanese participants

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