Endurance Innovation 58 – Training Tunes

Endurance Innovation 58 – Training Tunes

Andrew and Michael look at the effects of music on training and racing. Hint: there are effects!

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  • 4:00 effects of music on performance were studied during three phases
    • Before exercise
    • During exercise
    • During recovery
  • 5:30 using music to motivate sedentary people to exercise by Madison at al.
    • No benefit derived from listening to music during exercise
    • Motivation to commence exercising was not captured / studied
    • Enjoyment of exercise was higher in the ‘with music’ group
  • 15:15 effects of psychological priming on anaerobic performance by Loizou and Karageorghis
    • May be directly applicable to endurance (aerobic) athletes performing interval workouts with some anaerobic component: e.g. HIIT
    • Priming with music improved mean power output and peak power output by 5-7% in a Wingate testing
    • Adding video stimulation provided even better results
    • Michael’s favorite triathlon finish video 
  • 26:00 a meta analysis of music in exercise by Karageorghis et al.
    • Research done before the mid 1990s is not robust
    • Music increases motivation to exercise
    • Extroverts have a stronger response to ‘lively’ music than introverts
    • Preconceptions for music types. Music types that are typically associated with exercise are performance enhancing
  • 32:30 best practices for selecting music to incorporate into your training from Karageorghis et al.
    • 125 -140bpm
    • Familiar beat
    • Synchronous rhythm is ideal for repetitive motion activities like walking / running / cycling
    • Asynchronous rhythm can be used for activities like weightlifting
    • Containing affirmational or movement-related lyrics
    • Be SAFE! Do not impair your ability to hear your surroundings

The three studies are provided below

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