Endurance Innovation 61 – All About Aero Sensors with Chris Morton

Endurance Innovation 61 – All About Aero Sensors with Chris Morton

Founder of AeroLab and associate professor of engineering at the University of Calgary, Chris Morton is on the show this week to share his wealth of knowledge on aerodynamic and rolling resistance sensors, and how these devices may make us all significantly faster in the very near future.

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  • 1:30 meet AeroLab Founder and Associate Professor of Engineering at the University of Calgary, Chris Morton
  • 5:30 what does the AeroLab sensor do?
  • 7:30 how aerodynamic sensors are like toddlers
  • 9:00 the delicate process of setting up an aerodynamic sensor vs something less sensitive to poor data inputs like a power meter or a heart rate sensor
  • 13:00 how much of an expert in aerodynamics do you need to be to make use of an aero sensor?
  • 15:30 currently there is a substantial gap in the knowledge of what to do with aero data
  • 22:00 Chris’s preliminary research into the interplay between biomechanics and aerodynamics in bicycle fitting
  • 24:00 the value of measuring wind direction as well as magnitude with the multi-hole pitot tube in the AeroLab sensor
  • 25:15 demonstrated sail effect from disk wheels!
  • 26:30 wind average drag: drag performance across all yaw angles encountered that day
  • 30:00 the data collected by the AeroLab sensor and how it is used
  • 35:15 for an experienced rider, CdA data convergence can happen in as little time as 10s!
  • 37:00 1 equation and 2 unknowns! How to solve for both aerodynamic drag (CdA) and rolling resistance (CRR).
  • 41:45 the inputs needed for the algorithm
  • 46:30 AeroLab vs competition on CRR
  • 53:00 baking in both CdA and CRR in testing for the most efficient setup
  • 54:45 about CRR breakpoints and the data AeroLab is collecting to predict optimal tire pressure for EVERY race course!
  • 56:30 a case study of optimizing aerodynamics at the Slovenian national TT championships
  • 59:30 getting close to releasing the final product
  • 60:30 first round of commercial product is for coaches, teams, fitters, engineers only
  • 62:30 aero fitters will be able to test up to 6 positions in an hour of testing
  • 63:00 combining wind tunnel testing with CFD and field testing
  • 66:30 the value of improving body position
  • 70:30 aero sensors are for testing and not really for race-day use
  • 72:15 using the aero sensor to analyze draft effects in legal draft packs in triathlon
  • 75:00 getting an AeroLab assessment done in your area

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