Endurance Innovation 71 – Frame Builder Tom Sturdy

Endurance Innovation 71 – Frame Builder Tom Sturdy

Frame builder and fantastic bike nerd Tom Sturdy is on the show to educate us on the implications of all that bike geometry table data, his take on custom frames, and the possible future of frame building.

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  • 2:15 meet bike builder Tom Sturdy
  • 10:30 Dan Empfield’s bike anatomy: above and below the ‘waist’ of the machine
  • 13:00 not all geometry charts are created equal
  • 14:15 fit metrics and ride characteristics are not wholly independent of one another so be careful when trusting bike reviews when the reviewer rides a frame of a different size
  • 15:30 discrepancies are amplified in the smaller frames
  • 17:30 the key ‘below the waist’ dimensions: wheelbase, bottom bracket drop, and fork trail
  • 18:00 wheelbase determines steering response, where a greater steering input is required to turn a bike with a longer wheelbase and vice versa. This effect is very sensitive to changes in wheelbase. Longer bikes therefore tend to be more stable in a straight line.
  • 23:45 BB drop or BB height dictates tipping stability, so slower bikes like MTB, gravel, cross want a higher BB height (lower drop) for better balancing. Conversely, a faster bike like TT / triathlon is better off with a lower BB height (more drop) for straight line stability.
  • 30:45 trail influences the steering feedback. That is, the amount of resistance the bike offers when you try to turn the bars. Rider experience with trail is very subjective.
  • 41:45 all of these – and others too! – combine to create a unique ride feel.
  • 47:00 why custom?
  • 49:45 why titanium?
  • 53:30 titanium additive manufacturing (3D printing) in custom bikes offers the ultimate optimization and customization options

Find Sturdy Cycles at their website and on Instagram.

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