Endurance Innovation 72 – Look Cycle’s Pierre Facomprez

Endurance Innovation 72 – Look Cycle’s Pierre Facomprez

Product manager for the fabled French bicycle and component maker Look and chaser of two-wheel efficiency Pierre Facomprez is on the show to cover non-traditional wheels, wrinkly aero suits, and a really neat cockpit solution.

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  • 2:00 meet Pierre Facomprez, product manager at Look Cycle
  • 6:00 a fun digression about swapping the drivetrain to the left side of the bike for track racing
  • 14:00 the aerodynamic benefits of solid-spoke (tri-spoke) wheels
    • This is a debate on the front wheel only. In the rear, use a disk whenever permitted
    • Rotational drag is 25% of the total drag generated by the wheel (source DT Swiss)
    • Disk brakes mean more spokes, which increases rotational drag. Solid spokes do not contribute to rotational drag when mounted on modern, wide forks.
    • Modern tri-spoke wheels are using less-deep spokes that taper towards the rim
    • Weight penalty for a disk brake tri-spoke vs a similar depth traditional spoke wheel is about 200g (tri spoke is heavier)
  • 37:15 Pierre’s hidden valve trick
  • 43:00 tri suits
    • Make sure that the pad works!
    • Test your suits. The difference may be substantial
    • Try your suit on the bike when it’s wet and de-wrinkle after the swim
    • Calf sleeves can be quite fast
  • 58:00 the Aergo cockpit. Comfort equals speed.

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