Endurance Innovation 74 – IBTA Training in Polluted Air

Endurance Innovation 74 – IBTA Training in Polluted Air

Andrew and Michael talk about the risks of training in smoke-filled air, respond to a listener comment, and plug a study by a friend of the show.

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  • 2:00 the unusual 2020 North American fire season
  • 4:15 how harmful is exercising in poor air quality
  • 5:30 understanding the Air Quality Index (AQI)
  • 7:45 the classification and possible adverse effects of airborne particulate pollution
  • 10:15 acute and chronic effects of exposure
    • Acute decrease in lung volume
    • Correlation with with onset of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
    • Weak evidence for acute cardiovascular effects, such as an increase in arterial stiffness
    • Not enough information to assess the likelihood of chronic pulmonary or cardiac effects
    • Acute depression in HRV
  • 24:00 steps to mitigate harm when training in polluted air
    • Train indoors and use high-quality filtration systems
    • Avoid outdoor exposure
    • Listen to the advice of local health authorities and play it safe
  • 30:00 Listener correction of our aero math from episode 7 – Road Bike v Tri Bike
  • 34:00 Erica Gavel’s new study on menthol. Listen to her talk about her original menthol study on EI episode 56.

For more info on or to enroll in Erica’s new menthol study, send her an email: erica.gavel@ontariotechu.net

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