Endurance Innovation 77 – Core Body Temp

Endurance Innovation 77 – Core Body Temp

Chris Blomfield-Brown of Greenteg AG joins Andrew and Michael to present the Core Body Temp: a wearable body temperature sensor that just may change the way you train and race.

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  • 3:00 how the Core Body Sensor works and heat flux vs temperature
  • 7:00 the value of knowing your core temperature (for an athlete)
    • Optimize heat training
    • Pace hot races better and preemptively put on the brakes when needed
  • 23:00 why you can get so hot while swimming
  • 24:30 the Core Body Temp sensor
  • 28:45 how fevers work
  • 30:00 validating the Core sensor
  • 39:30 using the Core sensor for COVID-19 screening, and possible early detection for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, and for general burnout / chronic fatigue
  • 43:15 the utility of 24-hour measurement for athletics
    • Has the potential to detect fatigue, overtraining, onset of illness

Read more about the Core Body Temp sensor and get your very own on their website.

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