Endurance Innovation 79 – Peloton Aerodynamics

Endurance Innovation 79 – Peloton Aerodynamics

Andrew and Michael take a deep dive into a recent study on the astonishingly high drag reduction found in the middle of large cycling pelotons.

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  • 3:00 Aerodynamic Drag in Cycling Pelotons by Bert Blocken, et al.
  • 3:45 Pelotons in the natural world
  • 10:00 why it took so long to study large pelotons
  • 24:30 our assumptions of aero drag reductions in pelotons
  • 26:00 study results: up to a 95%!! reduction in drag
  • 27:45 drag reduction in the lead rider up to 15%
  • 31:00 the highway illustration
  • 33:00 the voracity of the findings
  • 35:45 the costs of sitting in the back of a group
  • 39:15 the implication for runners
  • 41:30 call for listener experience / power data

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