Endurance Innovation 80 – Toronto Councilor Brad Bradford

Endurance Innovation 80 – Toronto Councilor Brad Bradford

Brad Bradford is not a sport scientist or an aerodynamicist, but he is leading the effort to expand Toronto’s active transportation options. In his chat with Michael, Brad talks about the challenges of COVID, folks’ resistance to change, and his vision for the future.

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  • 1:45 Brad’s exposure to cycling
  • 7:00 lessons from US amateur bicycle racing
  • 9:00 the challenges of 2020
  • 11:00 Brad’s ‘why’ of entering municipal politics
  • 15:00 Toronto’s pre and mid-COVID plans for sustainable transportation
  • 18:00 the features of Toronto’s ActiveTO program
  • 19:30 the challenges of growing cycling infrastructure
  • 26:30 making cycling viable in winter
  • 34:15 Brad’s active transportation wishlist
  • 40:00 the importance of getting things right the first time
  • 44:00 the value of pilot projects in infrastructure
  • 47:00 all of us need to learn new things and adapt – even cyclists
  • 49:00 handling frustration and rage on our roads

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