Endurance Innovation 86 – Steve Fleck

Endurance Innovation 86 – Steve Fleck

Race emcee and co-founder of the new Canadian Endurance Sports Alliance Steve Fleck joins Andrew and Michael to talk about endurance events in 2020 and the way forward.

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  • 1:30 one side of race announcing
  • 5:45 the early days of Kona
  • 7:00 the drive for exploration
  • 10:00 Lionel’s hour bid
  • 16:30 racing without crowds
  • 20:00 a race emcee’s life in the year COVID
  • 23:15 the Canadian Endurance Sports Alliance
  • 27:00 the endurance events stats in Canada
    • >2M annual participants
    • $1B economic impact
    • $1B charitable donations
  • 29:00 Steve’s projection for racing in 2021
  • 32:30 ‘return to play’ guidelines
  • 35:00 the silver lining of potential increased participation
  • 42:00 do you need to race to participate?

Check out the good work of the Canadian Endurance Sports Alliance.
Have a look at Phil Gaimon’s appeal to cyclists.

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