Endurance Innovation 37 – Extreme Triathlon Racing and Support with Allan Hovda

Endurance Innovation 37 – Extreme Triathlon Racing and Support with Allan Hovda

Allan Hovda is back on the show to help Michael plan for his first extreme triathlon race: Canadaman in July.

  • 3:30 what is an extreme triathlon and how does it differ from a traditional Ironman race?
  • 7:30 the XTri swim: early mornings and darkness
  • 14:30 the XTri bike
    • Hills
    • Weather: check the forecast, but have contingency clothes in your support vehicle
  • 21:00 a review of the Canadaman-specific support requirements
  • 23:00 how does Allan decide what to carry on his person versus allowing his crew to supply him from the support vehicle
    • Carry fluids and carbs for areas where support is not available, plus a small contingency in case of delay
    • Carry basic tools and flat repair kit
  • 27:30 bike support crew meetup locations: pre-plan all the stops if possible
  • 29:15 use gentle to moderate climbs as handoff locations due to slower speeds
  • 31:45 write down the handoff locations somewhere on your bike
  • 32:00 the bike support crew people and vehicle caps
  • 34:30 space out your handoff crew!
  • 36:45 the appeal of such a complicated race
  • 40:30 follow the rules!
  • 42:00 transition support: help with clothing in cold weather / frozen fingers
  • 43:30 to change shoes or not to change shoes (from trail to road to trail)
  • 45:30 support advice for the run portion
  • 50:00 support for the last portion of the run: the mountain
  • 51:00 support runner clearing the way for the athlete
  • 52:15 psychological support for the athlete
  • 55:30 be positive but firm and keep their athlete on plan.

You can follow and support Allan through his website. and check out our past chats with him here and here. Stay tuned also for future updates on Michael’s Canadaman journey.

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