Endurance Innovation 42 – Go Faster on your Bike pt 2

Endurance Innovation 42 – Go Faster on your Bike pt 2

The second episode in our series on getting you a faster bike split covers clothing, shoes, bike fit, and saddles.

  • 2:00 race suit (kit)
  • 3:00 what makes a race kit NOT aerodynamic: wrinkles or flapping fabric. Fit is everything.
  • 4:45 be careful with buying kits online without trying it on first
  • 6:00 sleeved vs sleeveless suits / jerseys. Sleeves good for sun protection and aerodynamics when fitted and worn properly
  • 8:00 write / tattoo race numbers on your forearm(s) if you’re wearing a sleeved suit!
  • 9:30 kit comfort
  • 12:30 all about the pockets
  • 14:30 side short pockets are the enemy of aerodynamics on the bike
  • 16:00 if using pockets, look for ones with sufficient volume and with side-entry or flaps to cover the tops
  • 18:00 don’t let the pursuit of marginal aero gains compromise the key requirements of racing like having sufficient nutrition or carrying necessary tools
  • 18:30 sun protection
  • 21:00 the role of fabric texture: designing trigger points for turbulent flow
  • 23:30 cooling
  • 24:30 a tight fit is key for optimal evaporative heat transfer
  • 27:00 shoes
  • 28:00 drainage holes keep feet dry-ish
  • 28:30 road cycling shoes vs triathlon-specific shoes
  • 30:00 pros and cons of flying mounts / dismounts
  • 33:30 to stiff or not to stiff
  • 38:45 bike fit
  • 39:30 comfort (in the aero position) equals speed
  • 41:30 lower (front end) /= faster
  • 42:30 assessing stability on the bike
  • 45:15 consider starting your early season riding in a more relaxed / higher / more slack position than your race position from last year
  • 48:00 saddles
  • 50:00 saddle preferences change over time and with position changes
  • 50:30 saddles also wear out and should be periodically replaced
  • 53:30 listener question on wheel depth

Listen to our first installment on how to get fast in Episode 38. Also worth checking out is our chat with Daniel Schade of Gebiomized in Episode 40.

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