Endurance Innovation 93 – Puppy Paws, Aerobic Thresholds, and Records Waiting to be Broken

Endurance Innovation 93 – Puppy Paws, Aerobic Thresholds, and Records Waiting to be Broken

Andrew and Michael fly solo? duo? to cover UCI position bans, Michael’s experimentation with aerobic, long rides, and the audacious sub 7 / sub 8 attempt by some of the biggest names in triathlon.

In this episode, Michael incorrectly claims that Jan Frodeno is one of the two male athletes chaseing the sub 7-hour IM in the #nohumanislimited project, but it is, of course, Alistair Brownlee.
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  • 1:30 the UCI ban on ‘puppy paws’
  • 4:30 3 cases of the aerodynamics of a larger rider
    • Baseline position: riding with a fairly low torso but with hands on hoods (forearms close to horizontal) yielded a CdA of 0.259
    • in ‘puppy paw’ posture yielded a CdA of 0.233, an increase in speed on flats of 1.5kph at 300W over baseline
    • Torso and arms similar to ‘puppy paws’ but hands wider and now on the hoods yielded a CdA of 0.236, an increase in speed at that same 300W of 1.3kph over baseline
  • 12:15 Michael’s HRV DFA Alpha 1 experimentation update
  • 21:00 breaking 7 / 8 strategies:
    • Downstream swim
    • Guter uber slippery on the bike
    • Run a 2:30 marathon

For more DFA A1 and aerobic threshold testing context, check out our conversation with Bruce Rogers.


  • Amit David
    Posted at 10:26h, 28 February Reply

    About the sub7sub8 – you missed one big game-changer – it’s a drafting legal race!

    From their website:

    Yes. Drafting is allowed on the bike leg, with each athlete supported by a group of pacemaking riders of their own choosing.

    Thanks again for the excellent podcast!

    • Michael Liberzon
      Posted at 13:47h, 28 February Reply

      Thanks for the note and correction David. That is an absolute game-changer as you suggest: throws our math out the window!

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